Press Release – September 2022

Probius Emerges to Transform Data Acquisition for AI in Healthcare, adding John Baldoni, Chief Scientific Officer, and Juan C. Cuevas, SVP Marketing and Business Development Seasoned leadership to expand partnership capabilities and accelerate the commercialization process September 14, 2022  – Fremont, CA – Probius, a deep tech company bridging the data gap between biology and AI, today announced … Read more

Biomarker and target discovery of type II diabetes in small animals

Starting with a limited set of samples and metadata for training (diseased versus control animals), a phenotype of type II diabetes was defined and led to the discovery of potential new biomarkers and therapeutic targets for the disease.  Whole blood from C57BL/6 mice – 2uL volume 100% specificity and 100% sensitivity on sample classification using … Read more

Specific detection of Insulin analogues in product mixtures

This proof of concept demonstrates the high sensitivity and sub-molecular resolution of quantum electrochemical spectroscopy. By accurately detecting 2 analogues of insulin, we far-exceed the specificity of existing assays typically limited by mutual interferences. This is particularly relevant to QC flows in drugs and biologics manufacturing.  Mixture samples of Toujeo (insulin-glargine) and Humalog (Insulin-lispro) Analogues … Read more

Screening of tuberculosis and associated co-morbidities

In this study, patient samples were used to train and validate a screening algorithm for quick detection of tuberculosis infection in plasma for early screening ( no need to sample low abundance micro-bacterium). Human plasma samples from 3 different clinical sites in South Africa 90% sensitivity and 90% specificity, exceeding WHO recommendation 30 min from … Read more