Biomarker and target discovery of type II diabetes in small animals

Starting with a limited set of samples and metadata for training (diseased versus control animals), a phenotype of type II diabetes was defined and led to the discovery of potential new biomarkers and therapeutic targets for the disease.  Whole blood from C57BL/6 mice – 2uL volume 100% specificity and 100% sensitivity on sample classification using … Read more

Specific detection of Insulin analogues in product mixtures

This proof of concept demonstrates the high sensitivity and sub-molecular resolution of quantum electrochemical spectroscopy. By accurately detecting 2 analogues of insulin, we far-exceed the specificity of existing assays typically limited by mutual interferences. This is particularly relevant to QC flows in drugs and biologics manufacturing.  Mixture samples of Toujeo (insulin-glargine) and Humalog (Insulin-lispro) Analogues … Read more

Screening of tuberculosis and associated co-morbidities

In this study, patient samples were used to train and validate a screening algorithm for quick detection of tuberculosis infection in plasma for early screening ( no need to sample low abundance micro-bacterium). Human plasma samples from 3 different clinical sites in South Africa 90% sensitivity and 90% specificity, exceeding WHO recommendation 30 min from … Read more