A collaborative research program committed to the future of biosciences

We release regular calls for proposals to support ambitious ideas, focused primarily on disease biology and broad-spectrum phenotyping.

Do you have a topic to propose or a collaboration to discuss? Leave us your details below and let’s talk on how to use our platform to advance new thinking!

Frequently Asked Questions

QESLab is a collaborative program, partnering Probius with researchers to solve scientific questions and demonstrate the power of QES.

The goal of QESLab is to give innovative scientists a first-mover advantage. By using the novel QES technology in real-world examples, we can accelerate your research while demonstrating the usability and applicability of our technology. We also seek to disseminate results as broadly as possible.

A typical QESLab collaboration grant requires you to provide samples,  the scientific question, your time and, of course, demonstrate expertise in the field.

Probius gives you access to the QES instrument, QES consumables, and QES software, in essence, everything needed to execute your experimental plan. We will also provide technical support and expertise during data analysis; we can consider additional support (e.g. for publication) on a case-by-case basis.

We have tested whole blood, serum, plasma, culture broth, and food samples, among other samples. As part of the collaboration, new sample types could also be evaluated.

Submit a short proposal on the form on this page. We will contact you to discuss your application and send a simple document template for your full submission. Your submission will be evaluated by our Leadership and/or Scientific Advisory Board member(s).

You are expected to provide your samples and metadata, share your experimental design, plus run the experiments on the MiniQES platform. After the results are produced and discussed, we expect a publication (poster, presentation, paper, or equivalent) and the ability to publicize the results.

For fairness in the process, we suggest that submissions are within the proposal topic. If you have a burning idea that cannot wait, please contact us. There are other ways we can collaborate now or perhaps prioritize the topic in the following call for proposals.

Yes, please see the demo here or more information on the product page.

The QES assay in the MiniQES platform is extremely simple, and it only requires ONE pipetting step per sample. You can run a batch of 6 samples in approximately 30 minutes. As an example: an experiment of 100 samples can be run comfortably in 3-5 days with a single instrument.

There is no catch. At Probius, we are passionate about moving science forward and eventually changing the way healthcare is practiced. As a company that was born from scientists, we believe in innovators, and we would like to collaborate and spread the word and results.
The bottom line is that we will provide an agreement for review, discussion, and signature before starting. We look forward to learning more about your research.