Accelerate the discovery of disease pathways with broad spectrum phenotypic signatures.


This AI driven workflow is defined virtually using our library of standardized molecular assays and customize your marker panels to explore over 1000 biomarkers.

Discover more from less. Produce a high fidelity biochemical snapshot, with just 2ul of your sample.

Create customized reference assays for capturing molecule efficacy and toxicity, using our analytical design kit.

Make clinical trials more predictable by correlating preclinical models and clinical outcomes.

Build upon our continuously evolving database of clinical signatures and preclinical model biomarkers to shape real world evidence and improve understanding of disease and mechanism of action.

Diagnose efficiently at the patient’s side and define a clear path for treatment with minimum latency. Deploy over the air more accurate disease classifiers including host response panels and comorbidity assessments.

A simple, cost-effective workflow for assessing the quality and sterility of biologic products. 

Locate contamination within 1 hour, using pretrained models. And produce new insights around its type and origin. 


The science

A multi-disciplinary approach, combining quantum science, machine learning and biology.

Our platform reads the vibrational signatures of molecules and turns these into a digital twin of the biological sample

Building a more personal image of health at every scale.

Digitizing biology

Working to build a clearer image of health

Which can be used to find emergent features and patterns.


We begin by looking closely at a sample through one of its most fundamental physical properties. Our unique sensing paradigm uses the wave-based interference of electrons participating in charge transfer to serve as electromagnetic probes, which interact with vibrations in the sample molecules. These interactions are modulated by the bias of the interface using a low noise instrument co-designed with the nanoscale interface. This reduces disturbances that prevent the mixing of electronic and vibrational modes.



By changing the bias across the interface, we can detect vibrations from 100GHz to 100THz with 25GHz windows and create a high dimensional signature of a sample expressed across 40 independent features. This offers 1000 times more information density than optical methods. Multiplexed across 4 different interfaces, we convert this unique, high-dimensional signature into a digital twin of the sample. We can compare this twin against a set of a priori generated training data to phenotype the sample or quantify the amount of a specific target in the sample.



This AI driven workflow is defined virtually. This means you don’t require sample preparation nor specific biochemical reagents. It uses a target and background-agnostic approach, which allows you to continue analyzing after the physical sample has been discarded. You capture multiple scales of biology in one shot, with analytes ranging from small molecules, metabolites, proteins to single cell organisms, and then use their unique signature and our AI tool kit to extract insights and correlations at the sample and population levels.


Physics meets biology through computation

We are working to build a clearer and comprehensive image of health.

We accelerate the understanding of diseases and the discovery of tailored therapeutic actions by moving from a reagent centric to a compute centric approach.


We aim to empower individuals by making bioanalysis easier, transparent and more effective.

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