Invest in the Future of Bioanalysis in Healthcare

Invest in the future of research and healthcare with Probius.

Our commitment is to simplify how biomolecules are measured, so data can be acquired, analyzed and integrated in a seamless way to fuel new models of disease and predictive medicine

Who we are?

We are a deep tech company bridging the gap between biology and Ai in healthcare. We accomplish this through our core technology, Quantum Electrochemical Spectroscopy (QES)

Why invest in Probius?

Our bioanalytical platform enables Quantum Electrochemical Spectroscopy (QES). With a simple and universal workflow, QES translates a sample aliquot into a high-dimensional phenotypic signature, a digital twin, that can be re-analyzed and redefined in the cloud.

Simplified Workflow

The platform boasts a user-friendly and universal workflow, reducing complexities typically associated with bioanalytical processes. This simplicity could lead to widespread adoption across various industries and applications

High-Dimensional Data

The platform's high-dimensional phenotypic signatures and digital twins offer rich data sets that could lead to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in biological systems analysis

Market Potential

The platform's capabilities hold promise across multiple sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare, and environmental monitoring. As such, there exists a substantial market opportunity for investors to capitalize on

Growth Prospects

With ongoing research and development efforts, coupled with the potential for strategic partnerships and collaborations, the platform is poised for further growth and expansion in the future.

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