Platform & solutions

A unique combination for detection and analysis


From sample to unique digital signature

Our platform comprises a proprietary consumable, instrument and data analysis stack. With a universal workflow that translates the sample aliquot into a high-dimensional phenotypic signature which can be uploaded to a cloud-based UI for further analysis.


Explore our instrument options.

Solutions available for point of sampling (2-4 samples per hour) or high-throughput sample analysis (48 samples per hour)

No reagent or complex workflow needed with our scalable universal nano-electrochemical interface

1,000x increase in
information density




A unique combination for detecting and analyzing the vibrational signatures of diverse species. Inspired by the human sense of smell.

Decentralized virtual lab

We provide a unique SaaS model for bioanalysis

For any sample or target type.

A tailored package of algorithms, workflows and reference assays.

Build your own assay and test your hypothesis on-demand by choosing from a menu of target references. Or customize your solution with proprietary references for your specific application.

Biomarker panels

Disease phenotyping

A posteriori biomarker discovery

Longitudinal PK/PD/TK

Disease model translation

Clinical model stratification

Sample QA/QC

Probe-free, label-free

Data acquisition modules