Probius Emerges to Transform Data Acquisition for AI in Healthcare

Seasoned leadership to expand partnership capabilities and accelerate the commercialization process


September 14, 2022  – Fremont, CA – Probius, a deep tech company bridging the data gap between biology and AI, today announced the expansion of their leadership team. John Baldoni, PhD, has joined as Chief Scientific Officer, and Juan C. Cuevas, PhD, as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. These additions position the company to expand collaborations and begin commercialization of its unique bioanalytical platform.

The company is preparing to launch its Quantum Electrochemical Spectroscopy (QES) technology. This breakthrough utilizes a multidimensional approach to represent biological information as a molecular vibration signature. This signal represents the unique composition of the specimen; digital representations of those vibrations reside in the cloud as a digital twin. This unbiased approach to data acquisition offers the ability to analyze the makeup of biological samples across multiple scales, from metabolites to proteins and single cell organisms.

The Probius platform includes the QES instrument, consumables, and data analytics. It enables straightforward, decentralized, reagent-free data collection without sample preparation.  It makes practical, for the first time, the creation of biological datasets specifically tailored for AI applications. This will significantly accelerate the pace of biomedical research, from early disease discovery to drug development and therapy monitoring, and eventually enable a world where personalized and predictive data helps people stay ahead of disease.

“As we ramp up our development and expand our community, the ability to tap the expertise of these two accomplished veterans will propel our vision,” said Emmanuel Quevy, CEO of Probius. “John has been chairing our scientific advisory board, and now, as a member of the team, he will offer strategic direction daily. Because of his vast expertise in AI within the biopharmaceutical industry and extensive leadership in product development, adding him to the team means adding greater insights and partnership capabilities.”

John Baldoni, PhD is now Probius’ Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and remains chairman of the company’s scientific advisory board. Dr. Baldoni also holds positions as co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of SaponiQx and is CEO of the Atom Research Alliance. With more than 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry, his depth of knowledge not just of the science but also of the industry brings enormous value to Probius. John started GSK’s first AI-driven drug discovery unit, was a member of the executive team for 11 years, and held several cross-functional strategic initiatives, including advanced manufacturing and discovery modernization. He holds a BS in Biochemistry and an MS and PhD in Chemistry from Penn State University.


John Baldoni, PhD, Probius’ Chief Scientific Officer

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to have greater impact on Probius’ success,” said Baldoni. “The company’s unique ability to capture broad biological data from one specimen facilitates the acceleration of disease research and can hasten the transition from early discovery to clinical use. We are building a common insight framework that covers all the steps required for R&D, while laying the groundwork for hyper-localization of predictive healthcare.”

The addition of Juan Cruz Cuevas as SVP Marketing and Business Development will solidify Probius’ opportunities for partnership and commercialization success.

“Juan’s passion for making disruptive life science breakthroughs accessible to the public will help Probius reach a new set of audiences,” said Quevy.  “He has proven his leadership across multiple life science companies, not only bringing them to product readiness but also playing a significant role in successful commercialization. We are grateful for his commitment to Probius’ vision to bring biological data to the digital age.”

Juan brings to the role over ten years of experience in commercial leadership and product marketing. Before joining Probius, he was VP of Customer Experience and Head of Product Marketing at Seer (NASDAQ: SEER), after Previously, he led Product Management at the reproductive health Business Unit at Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE: TMO). He previously worked in various roles at Affymetrix (NASDAQ: AFFX, acquired by TMO) spanning sales, marketing, strategic product management, and support. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina, a Master’s in Biotechnology Management at IE Business School, and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Barcelona, Spain.


Juan C. Cuevas, PhD, Probius’ SVP Marketing and Business Development

“It’s thrilling to join Probius at this pivotal moment and help bring to market this category-defining tool,” said Juan Cruz Cuevas, Ph.D. “I’m looking forward to realizing the broad application landscape for QES, from drug development and biomarker discovery to synthetic biology. Eventually, we anticipate QES will impact predictive and actionable healthcare the way wearable devices impact health and fitness today. We’re moving the data acquisition to the individual instead of the sample to the data acquisition instrument.”

About Probius

Probius, headquartered in Fremont, CA, is a deep-tech company bridging the data gap between biology and AI, thereby illuminating new opportunities for the way biomedical research and healthcare are practiced. By combining physics, mathematics, and biological data, the company will usher in a new age of AI-enabled biological research and decentralized predictive healthcare. Built on ten years of R&D, with over $15M of financial support from the DoD and early-stage investors, the company is commencing the commercialization of its revolutionary products. For more information visit

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