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Digital Phenotyping of Tuberculosis and HIV

Using QES for digital phenotyping to detect the presence of TB infection from a non-infectious blood sample.

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QES Signal Transduction Mechanism

Description of QES low noise potentiostat, that enables the high resolution and broad range transduction of vibrational information.

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Rapid detection of food contaminants in diverse matrices

We demonstrate rapid detection of food contaminants in diverse matrices using a novel electronic sensor (QES)

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The QES Sensing Paradigm

Detection and discrimination between mass isotopes and structural isomers as a demonstration of QES sensing paradigm

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The QES Signal Amplification Mechanism

Unlike some other spectroscopic techniques that use vacuum or cryogenic temperatures to decrease background, QES utilizes electronic signal amplification instead

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Case studies

Digital phenotyping of tuberculosis and associated co-morbidities

Context Tuberculosis (TB) is a curable and preventable disease that can be lethal if not detected early …

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Biomarker and target discovery of type II diabetes in small animals

Starting with a limited set of samples and metadata for training (diseased versus control animals), a phenotype …

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Specific detection of Insulin analogues in product mixtures

This proof of concept demonstrates the high sensitivity and sub-molecular resolution of quantum electrochemical spectroscopy. By accurately …

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Know more about the benefits of QES technology and the MiniQES Bioanalytical Platform

two pager fact sheet about Probius, QES and our commercialization plans 


Probius Expands Board of Directors, Further Enhancing Expertise in Pharma and AI

Emerging company bridging biology and AI welcomes John J. MacWilliams and …

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Probius Emerges to Transform Data Acquisition for AI in Healthcare

Seasoned leadership to expand partnership capabilities and accelerate the commercialization process …

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DARPA Launches Entrepreneurial Initiative to Propel over 150 Cutting-Edge National Security Innovations to Market


Our series interviews deep tech founders on their tactical advice for driving growth, fundraising, hiring well rounded teams, establishing partnerships, and more.