Case studies

Digital phenotyping of tuberculosis and associated co-morbidities

Context Tuberculosis (TB) is a curable and preventable disease that can be lethal if not detected early …

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Biomarker and target discovery of type II diabetes in small animals

Starting with a limited set of samples and metadata for training (diseased versus control animals), a phenotype …

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Specific detection of Insulin analogues in product mixtures

This proof of concept demonstrates the high sensitivity and sub-molecular resolution of quantum electrochemical spectroscopy. By accurately …

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Posters and Articles

AMP 2022 – Poster Presentation

Digital Phenotyping of Tuberculosis and HIV Infection In this pilot collaboration study, we demonstrate the power of …

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Probius Expands Board of Directors, Further Enhancing Expertise in Pharma and AI

Emerging company bridging biology and AI welcomes John J. MacWilliams and …

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Probius Emerges to Transform Data Acquisition for AI in Healthcare

Seasoned leadership to expand partnership capabilities and accelerate the commercialization process …

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DARPA Launches Entrepreneurial Initiative to Propel over 150 Cutting-Edge National Security Innovations to Market


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