Generative AI tools and their impact in Life Sciences

As artificial intelligence (AI) tools continue to emerge, everyday tasks are being transformed. Everything is being impacted, from writing articles, and emails, to creating pictures and doing searches on the internet. However, there are complex problems that seek resolution, and in life sciences we often say “Biology and biological data are complex!”. So our main … Read more

Probius Expands Board of Directors, Further Enhancing Expertise in Pharma and AI

Probius announced two new members elected to the board of directors. John J. MacWilliams, Senior Advisor to the Director at LLNL and Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and Senior Advisor to the Homeland Security Advisor and Janis Naeve, a biopharma veteran and Partner at Cota Capital.

Digital phenotyping of tuberculosis and associated co-morbidities

Context Tuberculosis (TB) is a curable and preventable disease that can be lethal if not detected early and treated properly. Diagnosis is commonly established from highly infectious sputum samples using NAAT test, hence restricting testing to bio-safety and molecular biology-equipped facilities that are far removed from the majority of patients.